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The New Generation of LMS is here.

graspU for you!

Online with opportunistic Offline Mode.

Reports & Dashboards “On the Fly” or “On a Schedule”.

Create your own certifications or use graspU’s certification templates.

Staff or Students can view their paths and make decisions for their future.

Stop wasting your time – we’ll do it all for you

graspU was founded because the world deserves a better LMS. Learners need to learn faster, deeper, from anywhere, anytime and with a simplistic interface that doesn’t create frustration and delays.

graspU is designed for today’s learners… wherever you are, however you learn.

Robin Baker

graspU Founder

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Join the inspiring customers that are already using graspU!


Grant B.

UX Designer

“graspU is the most sophisticated learning platform on the market, yet the simplest to use. That’s why it’s called The People’s LMS.”


Andrew H.

Creative Manager

“graspU is for industries that need to offer training, certifications, and empowerment for growth… OR for any individual that wants to improve their skills.”


Kuldeep C.

Project Manager

“graspU’s dynamic open platform interfaces easily with most systems. In or out… it’s all good.”

Onshore or Offshore, there’s always time
to learn.

Keep your skills sharp and your certifications active!

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Learn, Train, Grow!

Use graspU for your Skill, Compliance, Onboarding, Human Resources, Certifications, etc.

Choose your pack and enjoy graspU

Simplest LMS UX on the planet. So easy to use, you will be amazed.

  • 100 monthly
    • Business
    • Call or email for price.
      • Train, track, & certify your staff or students.
      • Available Onshore or Offshore.
      • Share, sell, buy or lease content.
      • Offer All-age and Millennial-friendly LMS