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No Installation for Online Use, Simple Implementation for Offline Use.

Online with opportunistic Offline Mode.

Reports & Dashboards “On the Fly” or “On a Schedule”.

Create your own certifications or use graspU’s certification templates.

Staff or Students can view their paths and make decisions for their future.


graspU was founded because the world deserves a better LMS. Learners need to learn faster, deeper, from anywhere, anytime and with a simplistic interface that doesn’t create frustration and delays.

graspU was founded by Robin Baker, co-founder and lead architect of Learning Today, which became iReady (the USA’s leading K-12 content system & LMS). Robin has since been involved in maritime security applications (for anti-piracy), Enterprise Visitor Management Systems, and now back to her roots…. LMS. Her experience in creating and managing enterprise SAAS programs has brought her and us the building & launch of the world’s newest, most powerful and yet simpliest LMS on the market today.