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Recognizing & Preventing Sexual Harassment – NY State & NY City: Implicit Bias

graspU Learning Management SystemImplicit Bias is a tough topic to wrap the mind around due to the fact that it’s something we don’t do, in any way, on purpose. Bias is something we see, and live with every single day. We are hardwired as humans to see something and immediately develop our own opinions based on no real reason, only preconceptions. The results of these biases constantly stunt us as a society and have real-life implications and consequences in the workplace.
Who wants to be Biased?

No one wants to be associated with the idea of being biased or prejudiced but the fact is, it develops naturally. As previously mentioned, we are hardwired for this due to the process we developed for identifying threats before they can identify us. Because of this simple fact, we need active awareness. We all play a role in stomping out biases and need to act now.

Can Bias go Away?

So, you’re probably wondering, “What is the takeaway here?” And rightly so. The answer is that bias does go away! Even though there’s no way to ever be completely bias free, there’s a myriad of strategies one can enlist to become less biased. While no amount of intelligence can protect us, our next thoughts are ours to control. The hiring process is a great example highlighting bias: many people hire based on first impressions and third party opinions. How do we combat this norm? By simply relying on our own thought process; prepare questions to gauge a candidate’s value to the company, rather than personality-based questions. Also, once the interview is complete, be cautious of the opinions of the people around. They could intentionally mislead to further their own agenda.

Gender Biases are a Strong Majority of Biases

According to a recent Harvard Business Review Study, roughly 76% of people have gender biases. This is a classic example of how assumptions and prejudice get the best of us, mostly without even being recognized. This is why active awareness is vital. We need to consider our own thoughts and voice our feelings should someone be displaying bias. Going with the flow, letting “boys be boys,” and picking the prettiest candidates is the way of the past and is the path to complacency. While we can never truly wipe out bias, it’s up to us to check ourselves and make a change for the better in society.

Courses Available

Take the course on “Recognizing & Preventing Sexual Harassment” and pay close attention to Lesson #6, “Implicit & Unconscious Bias” at today!

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